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After you've been injured, your main focus should be on healing – not on worrying over legal and financial  issues. That is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney that has the knowledge and skill required to win your case, while you focus your attention on healing. California attorney J.R. Wilkinson has successfully settled countless injury and wrongful death cases for his clients. He has worked for Fortune 500 corporations and a major insurance company, so he has the insider knowledge of the tactics that insurance companies and powerful corporations use against injured parties. J.R. has the zeal and tenacity to get results.

No case is too large or too complex for J.R. to handle. If you have been involved in a serious crash, slipped and fallen on someone else's property, bitten by someone else's dog, or if a family member has been killed by another person's wrongful act, J.R.  help. Even if you are going up against a large insurance company or corporation because of injuries they caused you, J.R. Wilkinson has the skill and resources to handle your claim and fight for a full recovery of your damages. Let him help you win compensation for medical bills, loss of income, property damage, emotional pain and suffering, and other damages caused by their intentional or negligent acts.

J.R. is a seasoned litigation attorney with a track record of success for his personal injury and wrongful death clients. See how his professional and knowledgeable approach can help you win your financial recovery. Reach out to personal injury and wrongful death attorney J.R. Wilkinson today for trusted counsel. If he doesn't win, you don’t pay!

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney J.R. Wilkinson represents victims throughout California.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney J.R. Wilkinson represents victims throughout California.

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We know that personal injury law can be overwhelming. Accident lawyer J.R. Wilkinson is dedicated to providing you with the help you need to recover physically, mentally, and financially from an accident.


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